Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012


   A man ran by in a hurry. then he stopped in front of a door. baby's voice from inside the room.
“ ah..my baby was born.” Said that man. “ now I am a father.”
Suddenly, his phone rang.
“hello, oh I will go now.” He go before he see his son.
      His son grew  quickly. And he didn’t know it. Someday he came home with caring the ball for hi son.
“thank you dday, I love you.” Said his children.
“ok, not problem. By the way,  what your dream?”
“I am gonna be like you dad.”
“really.hohoho……oh my son.”
“dad, would you play ball with me?”
“oh, I am sorry dear. I must go now?
“yes, are you okay?”
“yes dad.”
“ok, see you.”
 “someday, I am gonna be like my father..yes…” said his son.
        His son play ball alone. He fell so lonely and miss his father very much. He want play ball with his father.
“oh father, I miss you so much. When you’ll come to home?” said his son while on the phone.
“not now, dear. I am so busy now.”
“ok dad, I understand. Take care your body.”

      the child continues to grow, until he became a man and his son get married and have children. his father had retired from his job. the child was to be like his father, always busy regardless of his son.  His father speak to his son.
“ why didn’t  you ever play with your son?”
“I haven’t  time for my son. I am so busy.”
“can’t you give a moment of your time for your son?”
“ I am sorry,  I can’t dad.”
“ I just became like you, dad. You haven’t time for your family.”
  His father was shocked and crying.
“ so you hate me?”
“no, I never hate you dad. I just be like you.”
“ no, you can’t be like me.”
“why dad? You not care about your family and you a successed man.”
“ I am a successful man. But I regret about it. You kbnow why? Because I can’t play with you, watch you grow, ang teach you everything. I regret it now.” Crying his father.
“ are you serious dad?” said his son compassion
“yes, I am sorry dear. I can’t give you enough love.”
“no dad, you give me enough love. I’m sorry too dad.” Said his son and then they embraced.
     three men walking together. a grandfather, a father and a son. they walked with joy. because they are a happy family


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