Selasa, 04 September 2012


1.   You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.
2.   Everytime I see Super Junior, I smile not with my lips but with my heart.
3.   It’s not hard to fall in love with Super Junior. Actually it’s the easiest thing to do.
4.   When I think about Super Junior, I think the whole world seems to smile.
5.   My eyes follow you everyday… I learnt about you and I know very well how the way you walk, you talk, you smile, and you laugh.
6.   Although we haven’t meet in person, but why am I feel that we are so close?
7.   Just like the birds which need wings and fishes which need fins in their life… that’s the way we need Super Junior.
8.   Sometimes too much love becoming so painful, but in fact I really couldn’t leave you even for a while.
9.   Knowing you is my best fate. I hope one day I could truly reach you even if only in my dream.
10. When I say: “I don’t care about Super Junior.” It’s must be NOT the real me.
11.  I don’t care with any bad rumors. I love Super Junior not only from their goodness but ALL of them.
12. Talking about Super Junior can change my bad mood to a very good mood, Super Junior is magic.
13.Whatever, whenever, wherever are the situations, I can’t take my eyes off Super Junior.
14.Neglecting and forgetting Super Junior is the most painful thing. Don’t ever try this!
15.I could see and remember Super Junior’s faces obviously without any pictures/videos because they are always in my mind.
16.Super Junior gift me extra gift in my life, its ELF… peoples who understand my life. Because we have one soul.
17.Sometimes I want to forget you and back to my “normal” life. But it never ever happened when I see you appear in my timeline.
18.I couldn’t spend even only one day without talking about Super Junior.
19. Super and Junior are two ordinary words. But when it combined, it has an extraordinary meaning.
20.Super Junior is not the most perfect group and ELF is either. But being together makes us be perfect.
21.Leeteuk teach me how to be a goo leader when I lead someone/something.
22.Heechul teach me how to be proud of myself, be whatever I wanna be.
23. Kyuhyun teach me that life is a chance, show the best you can do for your life.
24.Donghae teach me to give more love and care to my mom and dadbefore it’s too late.
25.Ryeowook teach me to take care all my friends, giving or making food for the sometime.
26.Leeteuk already have invisible wings that always with him everytime no matter what happens. It’s ELF.
27.People going bored with you. But for us, we never were getting enough with Super Junior.
28.We are ELF. We taken by Super Junior, every second…every minute…every hour…every day…every time…and we are never broke up.
29.An ANTI is a moment. A Fan is a time. But an ELF is a lifetime.
30.Super Junior is like a ribbon that ties al the worldwide ELF together.
31. ELF is the strongest person because they 13elieve even when the world disbelieving it.
32.When I feel down, and nobody around me… I touch my heart and smiling. Super Junior is here, always and forever in my heart.
33.Without me knowing, Super Junior has changed my life, and I never regret it.
34.They say rainbow has 7 colors, but for me I see 15 colors shining brightly.
35.I rally can’t see your suffer or your sickness, oppa. If could do this, I wanna replace your place.
36.Dear Mr. Angel Without Wings Teuki, I want to know your feeling to own 14 stars around you. Please, shining brightly together in ELF’s sky forever.
37.Dear Mr. Big Star Kim Heechul, I want to know your receipt. Why all weird things you did and says are so adorable? I’m wondering in very wide smile.
38.Dear Mr. Beijing Fried-rice, I want to know how is your condition now? Even though ELF miss you so much, but we really pray and support for your best.
39.Dear Mr. Art of Voice Yesung, I want to know how you sing just like an angel from heaven? Every time I hear your voice, my whole world is yours.
40.Dear Mr. Racoon Kangin, I want to know your story at the military. Korea #1 handsome guy, please comeback soon. SJ and ELF are waiting for you.
41. Dear Mr. Chubby Shindong Hee, I want to know why are you so gorgeous? You are my laugh-maker. Without you, I can’t laugh this often.
42.Dear Mr. King of Aegyo, I want to know where did you learn to melt girl’s hearts just by doing aegyo? Your cuteness makes us jealousy.
43.Dear Mr. Anchovy Hyuk, I want to know the secret of your adorable movements. Every inch of it, makes mme feel so addicted.
44.Dear Mr. Fishy Hae, I want to know why is your charm so meansureless? Everytime I see your smile, my hearts beating so damn fast and uncontrolled.
45.Dear Mr. Horse Siwon, I want to know where your perfection comes from. I’m speechless in mentioning your talents and kindness.
46.Dear Mr. Eternal Maknae Ryeowookie, I want to know the taste of your food. It must be the most delicious one because made from your heart.
47.Dear Mr. Killer Smile Kibum, I want to know how my snow white looks like now. I know you’re willing to see your brothers, just come, we’re always open.
48.Dear Mr. Evil Maknae, I want to know what’s on your brain. Why could you conquer all your hyungs easily? I laugh crazily of it, rock you!
49.Dear Mr. Mochi Henry, I want to know how is your performance shaking my heart? When you hold violin, my whole world’s silent for awhile.
50.Dear Mr. Gentleman Mimi, I want to know how to look gentle like you. No matter what, you’re completing SJ become 13+2. Unlimited thanks to you
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