Sabtu, 08 September 2012

Hei gals, meet again with me. Now, we will discuss  about “WARNING”. You must wonder what that “WARNING” is. Ok, I’ll tell you. one…two….three…..
1. An intimation, threat, or sign of impending danger or evil.
2.     a. Advice to beware.
        b. Counsel to desist from a specified undesirable course of action.
3. A cautionary or deterrent example.
4. Something, such as a signal, that warns.

Expression of Warning:
-          You should/should not____
-          You must/must not____
-          Don’t
-          Beware!
-          Be carefull of
-          Danger!
-          Look out!
-          Watch out!
-          Mind the traffic!
-          Don’t touch the wire!
-          Don’t touch the latern
-          Don’t play with the latern!
-          be careful,the road is slippery!

The sample dialog of warning:
A: Excuse me,sir.
B: yes?
A: you can’t park here. Look at that sign
B: oh,I’m sorry . I don’t know about that

@rayhan”s home
Arif: hi, raihan.what are you doing?
Raihan: me? I’m cleaning the house
Arif: waow…your home looks so clean
Raihan: thanks. Be careful! The floor is wet and so slippery
Arif: fiuh..thanks to warn me

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  1. Fantastic, Ola!
    I appreciate your effort to do this assignment.
    The assignment is complete and written nicely too. Great! Extra point for you.
    Miss Wahyu

  2. wooowwwwww,.. its really fantastic of the article
    you are the best olaaa ^-^


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