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    Ok, I think this is our second meeting. Now I will discuss about the narrative text. so keep it here:
What is narrative?
  Narrative is a kind of text, which is telling or describing an activity or event
what is generic structure of narrative text?
    Orientation => introduces the participants of the story. who and what is involved in the story. where and when the story happened
    Complication => tells the beginning of the problem which leads to the crisis (climax) of the main participants
    Resolution =>the problem (the crisis) is resolved, either in a happy ending or in a sad (tragic) ending
    Re-orientation=> this is a closing remak to the storya t is optional. it is consist of a moral lesson, advice or teaching from the writer
    Moral value
What is language features of Narrative text?
-          Use simple past tese (ex: ate, met, went, came ,etc)
-          Specific characteristic(ex: princess, the king, jack, etc)
-          Descriptive words(ex: beautiful, handsome, diligent, etc)
-          Using temporal conjuction(ex:then, after that, after morning, etc)
-          Verb processes(ex: kept, ate, spoke, drank, etc)

    Long time ago, there was a handaome young man who wanted to climb up the Alp Mountain. The mountain was so cold and covered with thick snow. People said that a beautiful fairy lived in the mountain.
   The young man wanted to meet the fairy. He also wanted to see the beautiful palace made of ice. Many people tried to climb the mountain but all of them did not succeed. Some of them gave up before they met the fairy and some others could not stand with the coold.
    This young man was different. He could climb the mountain and did not give up. He climbed and climbed for the whole week. The  weather was so cold, but he kept climbing to the fairy’s palace.
    He finally met the beautiful fairy and they fell in love with each other immediately. But, the fairy was not happy
“we cant’t live together. My father would not allow me to marry a man.” Said the fairy.
“why not?” asked the young man.
“because we live in two different worlds. I can’t stay in your because it is too hoot and you can’t stay in my palace because it is too cold. I’m afraid you will die,” explained the fairy.
     Therefore, they had to separate. Since that day, the young man promised to himself that he would not marry anyone. The beautiful fairy was so sad that she cried every day. Every time her tears flew down on the mountain. It became a beautiful white  flower called EDELWEISS

ps: i'm so happy can learning english with mrs.pupu.
   learning with mrs.pupu it's feel so happy

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  1. Cool, Ola!
    You've done the assignment correctly and completely. Great, extra point for you because of the early posting.:)
    Well, why are you happy? Mind telling me the reason?
    Miss Wahyu

    1. i dont know why. but if miss teach in my class, i feel enjoy to learn english :)


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